Intel GPU MAX available on Lise

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Intel GPU MAX available on Lise

NHR@ZIB is happy to announce the availability of the first publicly available Intel GPU partition in Germany.

Eight nodes, each equipped with four Intel Data Center GPU Max 1550 (also known as  Ponte Vecchio/PVC), two 56-core Intel „Sapphire Rapids“ Xeon CPUs, 1 TB of RAM, and 3.6 TB of local NVMe storage are now available for all users.

The new partition allows users to run GPU workloads programmed in a cross-platform approach using OpenMP offloading (C/C++/Fortran) or SYCL  (C++ only). Both approaches are supported by Intel’s oneAPI which is available on the partition. Codes programmed in OpenMP or SYCL allow execution on both Nvidia and Intel (as well AMD) GPUs. The migration of  existing CUDA codes to SYCL can be assisted by tools. For AI workloads, PyTorch, TensorFlow, and (experimental) JAX are supported by oneAPI as well.

With Lise’s existing A100 partition, NHR@ZIB provides the great opportunity to explore and compare both architectures within the same HPC system. For more information please visit the

User Manual for Lise partitions